Thursday, December 25, 2008

Drab 'n banal jodi

A spoof on 'Rab ne bana di jodi' !


Nautankey said...

Now this is getting better and better :)

Arun said...

@Nautankey: hehe thanks mate :)

Revathi said...

OMG!!JUST brilliant. i am running out of words now. the pun on each and every word was AMAZING. totally totally totally love it.

odd-nari - LOL
soap-opera - LOL
drab and banal -LOL

the whole spoof - LOL!!
u r just too good!! :)

Arun said...

@Revs: ah such high praise from the high priestess of humor herself ! mucho gracias :D !!!

>>Jass<< said...

lol! hilarious!

Arun said...

@Jassi: thanks mate :)

Aishwarya said...

Brilliant.. just brilliant!
Haven't cared to watch the movie yet, but this gives me the general idea! hehe

rvnrahul said...

Ah Man.. caling it brilliant is an understatement of last year.. Man!! this is a work of sheer art.. to be talked about alongside vinci's work.

Arun said...

@Aish: good for you ! :)
thanks !!! :D

@RVN: heh too much :p !
thanks buddy !