Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine Vignettes #10

(click image for bigger view)

And on that hopeful note this mini series ends...
All jokes and characters used in these strips were non-fictional and any resemblance to real life people was purely intentional! (And y'all took it in the right spirit I hope).
No animals were harmed during the making of this series though my ego took quite a beating.


Revs said...

Is this the end of the series?? Too bad. I loved it!! :)
And sighhhh, Arun even in ur dreams I think you are gonna find it difficult to find someone who matches all ur specs!! :P
Good Luck though! ;)

Arun Ramkumar said...

@Revs: End of this theme for now but I guess I will continue making appearances though not as frequently.

And as for my specs that one you see is only part 1...there are multiple parts which I have not put for sake of brevity :p

anyway the thingy yer writing was supposed to take care of the 'someone' I thought :p

Prasad said...

awesome series dude!!! :D hope u do more on this frm time to time...the seaseon for ov is always rite! ;)

Arun Ramkumar said...

@Prasad: thanks a lot dude :D
yea will do more of these !

D_Observer said...

loved the series man!
hoping to see more of oyur strips! :)

Arun Ramkumar said...

@D_Observer: thanks a lot dude!