Saturday, April 9, 2011

Man in the mirror

Ever run into these irritating morons at washrooms? You know the ones that keep washing their faces and scrubbing away with paper towels, combing away furiously and staring at the mirror for what seems like an eternity?
I fail to understand their thought process.Do they think they will suddenly become good looking? That they have some dormant Adonis DNA that they expect will suddenly spring into action and transform them into a hunk? That there is some magic ingredient in the water that transforms them into Brad Pitt if one scrubs and stares at the mirror long enough?
I've got news for you morons.If you need to stare at mirrors out of hope rather than pride then perhaps physical attraction isn't necessarily your strong suite.You need to work on something else.
 (And good luck finding chicks that aren't superficial.)

The most irritating part about this though is that it invades my privacy.I hate it when I step into the washroom and find someone inside. I can't wait for these morons to get out.Their presence affects my natural game so I have I go into slow motion mode, pressing the soap dispenser button.....lathering.......washing my hands...sllllooowwwllly.
And just when the moron looks like he's about to exit he will come back with another fresh paper towel, hoping against hope.And when reality dawns he will finally leave.Only to rinse and repeat.The very next day.Everyday.
Sometimes his slow motion mode pips mine and I exit before and return a few minutes later to restore normalcy. Other times, patience pays off and I get some alone time at last.So that I can wash my face, and scrub - what the?! no paper towels?


g2 said...

sometimes you're forced to use soap even though you had no prior intentions because the last thing we need in life is a dirty look from that asshole!

Arun Ramkumar said...

@g2: oh absolutely :) Eye contact is a strict no-no!

Kamayani said...

i dint know guys also spend hours in d restroom... really funny insight..